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Self love Practice

Actualizado: 3 jul 2018

Self realization or Self love?

“Who am I?” is a very direct and profound question. There is no answer to that question in a conceptual way, the answer might come as a direct experience beyond words that will open a direct realization of your nature. “Who am I?” will bring you a deep self realization of the absence of the fictional character we project, but is a goal oriented question.

At the end, these realizations will not matter if you are unable to abide in a loving state, which is what you have been seeking all your life.

"Who am I", will not guarantee you are going to be a nice person, and talking about self realization only works when you are around people that are equally interested in that topic. So, what do you prefer? Self realization or Self love? Because abiding in a heart centered state is not a realization, it is a journey, a life long practice.

Recognize that “love” is the goal you wish to feel within you

We all know that love is the highest vibration in existence. We all know the power of love in a conceptual way. We live in a world of people that know the power of love but don’t know how to awaken it in themselves.

Our attention is centered in the head, in the mind because of hundred of years of conditioning. Everyone that treats you in a bad way is laking of love. Everyone is crying for love. Every argument is a cry for love. Every addiction is a cry for love. Every dysfunctional food behavior is a cry for love. Love is the goal you wish to feel and realize within you. You can gain many realizations of truth but unless you become heart centered you will not be able to maintain the vibration of love, which is what you have been seeking all your life.

When you are feeling love in your heart it feel good, really good, and nothing else matters when you are feeling love inside. It doesn’t matter what happen outside. If you are feeling good inside, you are good.

For example, after a ceremony I feel like my heart is bursting with love. It is beautiful. The next day is amazing for me. The connection with everyone, with my children, with life, with my dogs, with people, everything. You are heart centered, and you can go in the street and if someone cuts you off with his car it doesn’t matter. When you are really well inside nothing is going to disturb you. It is a beautiful sensation. When we feel love inside we are really fulfilled in a way. Beautiful state full of gratitude and higher vibrations. We are all looking for that at every moment. And there is a way to cultivate it.

We spend most of our life trying to be valued by other people, to earn the approval of people instead of being the one that loves you the way other people couldn’t.

Love needs to come from within. When we look for it outside, it feels good for a while, but we always need more, and more. We can’t reach a state of fulfillment unless it comes from within. It is called Self love.

We grow up in a society that is not teaching us how to cultivate self love. Our school system and society push us in a direction of competition and consumption all the time. They do not teach us self love, and it is so important, it is absolutely crucial for our emotional development.

One of the biggest manifestations of violence that we can see in the world is actually the silent violence we give to ourselves, the internal dialog, the things we tell to ourselves. So sit down, hug yourself and relentlessly tell yourself “I love you, I love you”.

Radical acceptance of who we are

Self love start with something crucial. It begin with a radical acceptance of who you are. Completely, with all your shadow, with all the aspects that you do not want to show to anyone, with all our addictions and dysfunctionalities, with everything, all the things that we don’t like to project, all the things that we reject about ourselves, all the things that we feel ashamed of showing.

All this aspects are your inner child crying and longing for your attention, for your love. Your inner child is longing for honesty and self love. You first have to really hug the whole of your being completely.

Remember, you do not have to be in your best to cross the gates of heaven. Life is accepting you as you are now. Life doesn’t want you on your best behavior. Life wants you as you are now. You are part of “All that is” as you are now, and “All that is” would not be All that is, without you.

Hugging yourself practice

Set a space in solitude. Take your time to clear your mind and connect with your breath and hug yourself, and repeat to yourself, “I love you”, “I love you.” Recognizing all this shadow as your inner child looking for your attention, longing for your attention, all these hidden aspects. Embrace yourself completely and radically accept you as you are, “I love you, I love you”, relentlessly “I love you”.

Give yourself the love and attention that you have not learned how to give yourself up to this point. Love your own heart.

Make it your spiritual practice. Love your heart on a regular basis, relentlessly. Constantly, make time to love your heart. Loving your heart is the response to anything that comes into presence. You will increase your vibrational frequency and your perception will change.

Self love is not going to come as an spontaneous realization, it will fade out if you think it would be the product of a realization, it is a life long practice. It would take time as something you need to learn, like learning to play an instrument. It’s a beautiful practice to sit down and love yourself. Loving yourself and loving what arises has to be a life long constant practice that will naturally bring you to a space of high vibration, high frequency.

Inauthentic sensation while practicing self love

At the beginning, it can sound a little inauthentic, you tell yourself, “I love you” and you cannot feel it. But if you keep repeating it to yourself, “I love you”, “I accept you completely”, your subconscious mind will give permission to your body to feel the love you are projecting with your words, and then you will start feeling it.

Start creating new patterns within your subconscious mind by making “I love you” the most popular thing you are saying to yourself.

If you don’t know how to love yourself, start by loving the one who does’t know how to love yourself. Love the one who is looking for love but does’t know how to let it in.

Declare your interest to shift your point of awareness

If you recognize that love is what you are seeking in the core of your life experience, then declare your only interest to shift your point of awareness from abiding in the mind to abiding in the heart, and then align yourself with teachings who’s only interest is to return your attention to the purity of love that you already are.

Any time you find yourself feeling in a way that feels uncomfortable to you, instead of thinking about what you think it represents, just simply bring your attention to the heart and be interested in feeling what you are feeling and not thinking about it. The more times you simply bring attention into the heart, just to feel your experience and not think about it, the more your body will actually open up.

Everything is a reflection of how you treat yourself

This is a transformative different way you can approach your reality. This is not about creating outcomes. We do not create outcomes. We treat ourselves with love and we naturally witness how the world treats ourselves in the same way we choose to treat ourselves. That is quantum mechanics.

What are the words I have been waiting for others to say?

Can I be the one to say that to myself?

Can I be the one that loves myself instead of blaming and judging the journey of others?

Can I be the love I’ve always been waiting for?

Love yourself, love your heart in response to anything that pops up in your field. If anything gets your attention, love it.


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