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Holding the Space for Transformation


Have a profound immersion with Ayahuasca, Huachuma and Kambo with a safe
guidance and support

Ayahuasca Retreats

Ayahuasca Retreats

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Sep, 05-12, 2023
Nov, 07-14, 2023
Mar, 05-12, 2024
Apr, 30-07, 2024
Jul, 09-16, 2024


1,800 US$ per person 

(flight tickets not included).

The payment will be collected in US$ cash on the first day of the retreat.

One does not have to be of a specific spiritual belief to use or get the benefits of this medicine. Recognized by native tradition as a “teacher plant” Ayahuasca facilitates holistic healing and self discovery, far beyond the frontiers of any conventional treatment.

Our retreats combine different plant medicines for those who seek a responsible way of elevating their self awareness and consciousness.  We have crafted a retreat that help facilitate and encourage self transformation.

The sacred medicine of Ayahuasca sheds light into your reality and shows you what you need to heal, and/or integrate in order to transcend onto higher levels of expanded awareness and harmony. We will also have the cleansing power of Kámbo, the gentle guidance of Huachuma, the meditative breathwork and the centering power of Rapé.

We have been facilitating ceremonies for more than 20 years and the experience that we have gained has given us the confidence to provide a space that is both safe and nurturing. 


With the encouragement of the people around you, the stability of the facilitators, and the guidance of the medicine; you will feel the strength and courage that was always within you, urging you to make the change you’ve been seeking, and although you must take each step on your own, you will not be alone.

  • Meet the facilitators in about us page

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