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The Nisargadatta Maharaj Ultimatum Pointers

Actualizado: 11 may 2019

The Nisargadatta Ultimatum Pointers

- compiled by Pradeep Apte - read by Prem Daas -

Your destiny is not death

But the disappearance of I am

Allow yourself to relax

and simply allow the words of Nisargadatta Maharaj

to enter into the deepest part of your being.

Simply allow these words, these pointers

to enter into your heart of hearts.


Are you a mere body or something else

or maybe nothing at all

Before all beginnings

after all endings

I am

What you are you already are

everything is local and temporary

except you

don't forget what you are

Ultimately I am beyond being

and non-being

Find him who was present at your birth

and will witness your death

Stop imagining that you were born,

have parents or a body that will die and so on

You were never born nor will you ever die

There is a state beyond forgetting

and remembering

The beginning-less begins forever

Find what is it that you have never lost

Overlook the moveable and you will find

yourself to be the ever-present

Whatever happens

I remain

I was never born

how can I grow old

I am neither born nor can I die

I have nothing to remember or to forget

You are beyond the experiencer

ever unborn and deathless

Reality is not an event

it cannot be experienced

for reality neither comes nor goes

There is no such thing as experience of reality

only reality is

there is nothing else

there was no coming

it was so always

You can only be what you are in reality

you can only appear to be

what you are not

What comes and goes has no being

What changes is not real

what is real does not change

Don't pretend to be what you are not

don't refuse to be what you are

Life will escape

the body will die

but it will not affect me in the least

The real does not die

the unreal never lived

You are neither the body nor in the body

there is no such thing as body

The absolute precedes time

the absolute is

Your body is short of time not you

just understand yourself

that itself is eternity

I know for myself

I was never born

Both the subject and the object

exist in you

but you are neither

You are complete here and now

you need absolutely nothing

That which makes you think you are human

is not human

The real is always with you

you need not wait to be what you are

You are not what you perceive

You are yourself without knowing

No happening affects your real being

this is the absolute truth

Transiency is the best proof of unreality

You cannot know your real being

you can only be what you are

Whatever you are changelessly

That you are beyond all doubt

To be

you must be nobody

To know that you do not know

is true knowledge

In reality you were never born

and shall never die

Be nothing

know nothing

have nothing

One can only be it without knowing

What you don't know

that is prior most

Before you acquired this knowledge I am

That is the real estate

Come to the conclusion that you

are not the consciousness

The absolute doesn't know itself at all

When the body dies

you do not die

When everything goes

you are the real

Your true identity is beyond this

quality of I am-ness

The state before you were born

and after you die

is your permanent property

Before the knowledge I am appeared on you

That is Parabrahman

If you revert properly

the consciousness I am will disappear

The Parabrahman

does not know that it is

You are the underlying principle

of consciousness

be in that

The eternal one

is that which you have

never forgotten

Go back to the source

take your stand in

the original state

Beingness is the child of no beingness

The absolute

Prior to witnessing

you are

Something prior to the creation of the body

knows that there is a body

When you did not have the body

complete satisfaction existed

The One who knows these appearances

is the Satguru Parabrahman

The I am-ness is a part of the play

you are prior to the I am-ness

You are not the sound from the

brahmarandra which says I am

The arrival of my beingness

without my knowing

constitutes my parents

How can that

which depends on the body

be the truth?

I prevail prior to anything

I ever exist

Prior to the appearance of childhood

that is my eternal State

I only observe the appearance and

disappearance of beingness

When you didn't know that you were

That is your true state

The one who observes

the being and no being state

is the true state

Only what was before the body

came into existence

will remain after the body dies

Lord Krishna was the unborn

the Nirguna principle

just as you are

You are unborn and

shall ever remain unborn

The world and the mind

everything are unreal

but I am not those

Prior to this identification with the body

you must recede into that

Witnessing of the beingness

happens to the eternal principle

the absolute

I the absolute

never had any experience

that I was alive

I the absolute

have no needs

I ever prevail

The non attention parabrahman state

has no attention I am

Before the beingness was there

look at that

be in that state

Timeless, spaceless existence

doesn’t know it is

that is reality

that is truth

As the eternal principle

you prevail in spite of all happenings

To the absolute witnessing of

the I am-ness occurs

this is the Siddha standpoint

I the absolute

am not this I am-ness

Not knowing is perfection

knowing is imperfection


When the I am goes into oblivion

that is the eternal state

no form, no beingness

There is no question of going into that state

you are in the supreme state

Without reason or cause

the consciousness spontaneously appears

on the absolute

As you get closer to the truth

you will lose interest in worldly affairs

My true nature

is that which was before the body

and consciousness came into being

It is quite simple

all that which is time-bound

is untrue

I am the perfect state

when the I am-ness was not

What was your state

before the I am arose

go back to the source

That which you don't know

is the right state

Throw away everything as useless

after this consciousness has come

In the absolute

there is no need of any kind

even the need to know oneself

Satguru parabrahman

is your true nature

In the absolute

the I am comes

they are not two

Donating the self you get brahma

donating brahma you get parabrahman

The teaching which destroys the individual

is exactly what the individual seeks

You just stumble on the knowledge

that the individual was never there

You are prior to the idea I am

camp yourself there

prior to the words I am

You must recede into the not knowingness

when you are awake

I was

I am and I shall be

in that original state

before the I am-ness came

I am fully established

in that unborn state

I am God

I am the devilty

and I am the worshiping

You must know yourself

devoid of the body sense

The one who expresses

I was not

is secure, stable and eternal

The one who recognizes the imperfect

is perfect and complete

With reference to your true parabrahman state

Maya does not exist

You know what you are not

what you are you cannot know

Prior to knowingness

is the prior most principal

which knows the consciousness

Death is inevitable

so why not accept it right now

that it cannot affect you

What you have heard from me

is to be understood, used and given up

Without the body sense,

I am perfect, total and complete

You are changeless and permanent

You have no beginning and no end

you are eternal

Parabrahman is your eternal state

you cannot remember it because

you have never forgotten it

Go back to your original state

before this consciousness

came upon you

The one which is listening

and you do not know is you

As the absolute

I have no experience of myself

On hearing these words

all your knowledge will evaporate suddenly

and you will be wonderstruck

I as the absolute

do not need this consciousness

Where is the question

when the instrument of questioning

is kept aside

On your not knowing state

suddenly the knowingness has appeared

and created all the mischief

I am before

anything can happen

Knowledge is ignorant

it has a beginning and an end

had it been real it would be eternal

Satguru means the eternal state

which will never change

what you are

The One directed bias at guru

has no more birth

is sadhana

is over

Why die as a body?

Have the highest ambition

so that at least while dying

you are the absolute

One is the absolute

no I am

two is consciousness

I am

Three is space


To know you are nothing

is a real liberation

When all your knowledge

including yourself is liquidated

then you are liberated

The unknown is the truth

I have no need of any experience

You are prior to consciousness

in that state there is no pleasure or pain

What am I when this temporary state

is gone and before it comes?

that itself is the search

The ultimate knowledge

does not have any knowledge

If you have really understood

no questions can arise

questions arise only to an entity

As long as you believe you are an entity

spiritual salvation and all this talk

is useless

As an entity you want to know the absolute

it's not possible because

you are the absolute

When you really intuitively understand what I am saying

it's the end of your spiritual search

Prior to consciousness

who is there and with

what instrument one can be conscious?

The state prior to consciousness is always there

right now it is there

Your true identity is a state of not-knowing

total, complete and perfect

This sense of presence

is unreal like a dream

Your true state was there

before the body and consciousness arose

is there now and will be

after the body and consciousness go

Give thought to the state

before experiencing began

Even when the consciousness goes you prevail

you always are as the absolute

It is the consciousness that gets liberated

there is no entity

It must happen that the consciousness

is no longer conscious of itself

Knowingness in its ultimate state

is no knowingness

If you have clearly understood what I am saying

you will have no specific

intention or interest left

Do everything with the understanding

that when the body and consciousness go

you need do nothing

Consciousness disappearing

there will be no sense of presence

but I shall very much be

without the sense of presence

Before the I am arrived

I knew no time

birth, living and death constitute nothing

but time duration

Come to the firm conclusion

that I am nothing

You must have the firm conviction

that you are unaffected by birth and death

No knowing is the highest in the

hierarchy of spirituality

the absolute transcends both

knowing and no knowing

The knowledge in you

which knows change

is itself changeless, permanent

You did and do exist

unto eternity

Everything is beingness

but I, the absolute

am not that

The body form is merely

an opportunity

to experience time

The essence and sum total of this whole talk

is called Satguru parabrahman

that state in which

there are no requirements

I am the principle which

survives all the creations

all the dissolutions

How can questions relating to that

which was prior to the body and consciousness

be answered?

Appearance and disappearance

birth and death

these are qualities of beingness

they are not your qualities

Attain that state

which is and was prior to the body

Movement of the sought gurus feet

begins from no knowingness to knowingness

Holding the Satguru feet

is the borderline between

knowingness and no knowingness

Your true being exists prior

to the arising of any concepts

apprehending this is being dead

to the "I am the body" while alive

When beingness forgets itself

that state is parabrahman

I who am there before consciousness

am not concerned in any way

to all that happens in consciousness

Your conviction should be such

that no question at all should arise

in the future about that

How did I come about?

that is the question which needs investigation

Consciousness never comes or goes

it just appears to have come

Can you live like that

as the non manifest?

How can one who is not born die?

It is only the consciousness

that is going to disappear

the absolute is always there

What a fall

the perfect state caught up in these experiences

and trying to derive certain benefit from them

The meaning of the mantra I have given you

is that you are the manifest dynamic principle

not the body

when you abide in that

you become that

You have identified with the body

but you are not the body

The uniform I am-ness

known through the body is available to you

by all means use it

but understand that you are not the uniform

Once you discard this I am-ness uniform

what remains is the parabrahman

That which is eternally current

is the Parabrahman

Before you were born could you have felt

or sensed or known that you exist

without the body?

Feeling that I am present

depends on having a body

I am neither the body

nor the conscious presence

You should not get involved

in what has appeared

I am not the seed

I am not the phenomena

nor am I the consciousness

which is time-bound

Consciousness alone

feels the expanse of consciousness

but I the absolute am not that

The absolute always remains

There is only one thing to be understood

and that is that you are the formless

timeless unborn

Nobody is dying

because nobody was born

Liberation means

It, consciousness

is no more there

Experience occurs where there is change

if there is no change

there can be no experience

Try to understand what they parents

could be without their bodies

I was possessed by the five elemental ghosts

but having stabilized in the Parabrahman

I know what it is

and I am out of it

Satguru parabrahman is all love

for no knowingness

Everything which gets

consumed, exhausted

is unreal

Prior to your birth

and receiving the message I am

how did you function

what were you?

You are

even before the knowingness

you are

There is only one truth in the world

and that is that everything is unreal

Be what you were prior to the label or title

be that

Give up all that you have read and just be

even the experience that you are is not your true nature

Whatever you are prior to the appearance of I am

that is your true nature

It is sufficient to understand without the slightest doubt

with great conviction that there is a state

prior to the arising of consciousness

There is no individual looking at another individual

the sense of presence is cognizant

other than that there is nothing

Waking, sleeping and the sense of presence

are all temporary states

that have come upon me