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Wrongness Vs. Natural flowing

Actualizado: 6 jul 2018

The perception of wrongness is absolutely critical to the perpetuation of "human drama", as well as the illusion of separateness. Drama requires conflict. The ego does not want an end to its “problems” because they are part of its identity. It gives definition to my self image, makes me into someone, and that is all that matters to the ego. If something isn’t wrong, then nothing needs to be made right, which ultimately means nothing needs to be done. So we create the artificial wrongness to make life more interesting and add the dramatic element, the drama of conflict.

But, What brings the appearance of rightness and wrongness? When our reason establishes or predicts an outcome, in the first place, then we find right or wrong answers. So, The projection of an expected outcome is what makes the appearance of rightness and wrongness.

Life is unfolding without reason, without goal, without direction. But the mind is frightened of this realization. Only a random world or a reality without purpose could provide the conditions to perceive any outcome as indifferent or as right and wrong at the same time.

Could something be wrong? The truth is that nothing is really wrong and nothing can ever be wrong. Wrong is simply not possible. Wrongness is in the eye of the beholder and nowhere else.

Beyond our ideas of right-doing

and wrong-doing, there is a field.

I’ll meet you there.

- Rumi -

Acting from belief Vs. Flowing from the heart

Morality is the set of rules and regulations that you use to navigate through life when you’re still trying to "steer your ship" rather than let it follow the flow.

When we proceed based on a system of beliefs we close ourselves to the huge amount of different possibilities and creative solutions, we close ourselves to others opinions, our intuition and the magical synchronicity that would emerge in the openness of any particular moment.

When you flow from the heart, morality is no longer necessary -it’s instantly obsolete and discarded. Flowing from the heart means breathing, waiting for unfolding, giving it time and trusting.

Instead of reflecting a system of belief, we learn to relax the first impulse to react. We relax and listen to our intuition with a quiet mind. We wait for unfolding and we feel the answer within the peace of our breath.

We can take action as a pure response to each moment, free from indecision, beliefs or agenda, acting in inspired certainty. We intuitively know what to do. Intuition is completely reliable, but only when it comes from a quite mind.

“When there is no self, selflessness happens. When selfless happens, it overflows with goodness and love without doing any harm. There is no need to discriminate between right and wrong. You are operating by the flow of the Tao, which is a higher order of intelligence.”

- Adyashanti -

Trusting the wisdom of not knowing

Relax into not knowing. When you take action from the flow of your heart, thought and understanding come after the event, not as the cause. You become able to live with uncertainty, even enjoy it.

When you become comfortable with uncertainty, infinite possibilities open up on your life. It means fear is no longer a dominant factor in what you do and no longer prevents you from taking action to initiate change. Trust fuels even deeper surrender in the next situation that arises, and surrender increases trust in the wisdom of not knowing.

Creativity only appears when we are not following any preconceived point of view or action. If you learn to trust and relax into not knowing, you will feel a sensation of increased aliveness and creativity.

Adyashanti wrote,

“Human beings have a drive for security and safety. Freedom is a state of complete and absolute insecurity and not knowing. There is no security in freedom. This is, of course, why it is so free: there's nothing there to grab hold of.

The Unknown is more vast, more open, more peaceful, and more freeing than you ever imagined it would be. If you don't experience it that way, it means you're not resting there; you're still trying to know. That will cause you to suffer because you're choosing security over Freedom. When you rest deeply in the Unknown without trying to escape, your experience becomes very vast.

Liberated people live in the Unknown and understand that the only reason they know what they are is because they rest in the Unknown, moment by moment, without defining who they are with the mind.”

“Remain in a state of not knowing,

work without effort, give to

others and be in abundance.”’

- Sri Shibendu Lahiri -


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