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The Creation Dilemma

Actualizado: 20 jun 2018

In order to justify their existence, monotheistic religions base their ideas on what we call the "Self-supporting foundation fallacy". In other words, to overcome common sense, religion proclaims that the foundations of its structure hang from the very structure it supports.

That is to say, "We know that God exists because the Bible says so, and the Bible must be right because it's the word of God.”

This kind of argument wouldn't be accepted if it came from a small group of people, but it turns out we're faced with another dilemma,

Crazy is a numbers game.

Like if enough people believe it,

then it's not crazy anymore.

If you live in a fantasy alone, you're mentally ill, if you live there with a small group, then you’re a cultmember, and if you live there with a large group, then you're respectably religious.

In this way, religion is a belief system in which God is the magic solution to the dilemma of creation.

Now we can compare this myth with another creation myth, the Big Bang. Before the bang, there was nothing; there was no space, no time, no energy, no matter, nothing. And suddenly bam! Genesis. A huge universe came out of nowhere. Is the Big Bang supposed to be science?

Science is also another belief system in which the Big Bang is the magic solution to the dilemma of creation. How can something come from nothing? Obviously it can't. "Ex nihilo nihil fit”, meaning, ”nothing comes out of nowhere". Exactly. Nothing is literally impossible.

The creation myth, both religious and scientific, doesn't need to make sense to survive, it just needs to be good enough. The reason why there is not an angry multitude outside the churches and universities demanding a less ridiculous story is because we are all on the same boat. We all have the same inner uncertainty, so we are existentially motivated to continue with the charade. This is the function of these myths, they help us to be comfortable while ignoring the luminous signs that are telling us that our stories make no sense.

Existence doesn’t come from anywhere. Existence only is. We are drawn to think that there have to be some start to it all. Within existence there are starts and stops, but not to existence itself. How could it ever get created? It didn’t, It just is. Creation happens within existence. All the concepts you can possible imagine about beginnings, creations, starts and so forth are concepts within existence. There is no outside to existence. You can not even imagine non-existence... try it. You can’t. It is not possible.

Existence, Consciousness or Presence simply is. Existence only has one quality, to exist. Therefore that which exists simply exist. It doesn’t need to justify its existence by asking, Why does it exist? Existence exist because that’s the quality it exhibits, existence.


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