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Laetrile / B17 Protocol

Actualizado: 28 jun 2018

Laetrile, also known as Amygdalin and Vitamin B-17, is a natural substance that has been shown to be a safe, effective, and non-toxic treatment for cancer while simultaneously helping to strengthen the body’s immune system. It selectively kills cancer cells safely. It does not kill cancer cells so fast that it creates dangerous debris.

How Laetrile fights cancer

Leatrile is believed to fight cancer by targeting and killing cancer cells and building the immune system to help fend off future outbreaks of cancer. It actually uses two different methods to accomplish these goals.

The first method revolves around enzymes. Vitamin B-17 is made up of glucose plus two potentially toxic substances — benzaldehyde and hydrogen cyanide. (Note: In the early days of laetrile research it was assumed that cyanide was the major cancer cell-killing molecule, but now many researchers believe benzaldehyde is the primary reason the cancer cell is killed.)

Healthy cells contain the enzyme rhodanese. Rhodanese protects the cells by neutralizing the benzaldehyde and cyanide in B-17, converting them to useful compounds, including thiocyanate, which is known as a natural regulator of blood pressure and also is involved with the production of Vitamin B-12.

However, cancer cells do not have rhodanese. Instead, they have an enzyme called beta-glucosidase. Beta-glucosidase unlocks the benzaldehyde and cyanide from the glucose to create a targeted poison that kills the cancer cell.

It is important to take enzymes like chymotrypsin and trypsin during the laetrile therapy. However, note that these are blood thinners and should be taken within the vendor's recommended maximum dosage (as stated on the bottle). These enzymes allow the laetrile molecules to work at peak efficiency.


The ideal oral pill dosage is a 500mg tablet or capsule a half hour before each meal and another 500mg before bedtime, for a daily total of 2,000 mg. More or less than that will not be as effective. 1 pound (454gr.) of apricot seed = 1 tablet of Leatrine (500mg)

For many of today’s therapeutic uses, the primary laetrile source is apricot seeds. For active cancer patients, Dr. Jimenez recommends to start with 3 or 4 apricot seeds a day and build up to 25-35 apricot seeds per day or better yet take some combination of apricot seeds and laetrile tablets.

Also, for better results, Dr. Jimenez combines the laetrile in his clinics with Vitamin C and a number of minerals, particularly zinc and selenium.

Supplements that help Leatrile to work better

Zinc (which is the transport mechanism for laetrile), Vitamin C (build up to 6 grams a day), Manganese, Magnesium, Selenium, Vitamins B-6, B-9, and B-12, Vitamin A, Vitamin E (at least 2,000 I.U.)



B17 (Leatrile) 500 mg x 100 tablets

Raw Food and Vitamins

Vitamin B17 500 mg x 100 tablets

Apricot Power B17/Amygdalin 500mg Tablets

B17 500mg x 100 tablets

While there are sources for laetrile pills, they are essentially illegal to sell across state lines. The FDA has made obtaining laetrile supplements almost impossible.



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