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Just Passing by

An American tourist went to Cairo, Egypt, to visit a famous sage. The tourist was surprised to see that the wise man lived in a very simple little room full of books. The only pieces of furniture were a bed, a table and a bench.

"Where are your furniture?", asked the tourist.

And the wise man quickly asked, too:

"And where are yours...? "

"Mine?", the tourist was surprised. "But I'm here just passing through! "

"So do I..." concluded the sage.

Remember death.

Remember death always.

Never forget death for a single moment.

Only death can keep you aware.

If you forget death you will become unconscious.

Life is a shifting sand.

Don’t make your house here.

Whatsoever you do will be undone by death.

Relax! Enjoy this eternal moment.

- Osho -


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