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Hemp Oil Protocol

Actualizado: 6 jul 2018

from Rick Simpson’s website

Throughout man’s history hemp has always been known as the most medicinal plant in the world. From my experience all forms of disease and conditions are treatable and often curable with the use of high grade hemp oil as a treatment.

Another aspect of the use of hemp as medicine is its anti-aging properties. As we age, our vital organs deteriorate and of course this impairs the function of these organs. Hemp oil rejuvenates vital organs even in small doses it is very common for people to report to me that they feel 20 to 30 years younger after only ingesting the oil for a short time.

What other medicine works on everything and in many cases can cure thought-to-be incurable conditions? What else can heal diabetic ulcers, skin cancers or heal third-degree burns in no time leaving no scars?

Hemp oil promotes full body healing and raises melatonin levels thousands of times higher than normal. When the pineal gland produces vast amounts of melatonin, it causes no harm to the body but is very detrimental to the disease or condition you are suffering from and indeed may even eliminate it entirely. From what I can gather, all this along with your pH being raised while the oil is detoxifying your body we think explains the vast majority of hemp oil’s healing effects on the body.

Blood pressure and diabetics

To anyone starting to use hemp oil as a medication, here are some simple facts. Hemp oil will lower blood pressure and if you are on blood pressure medication, you may find that this medication is no longer needed.

It should also be mentioned that the oil rejuvenates vital organs like the pancreas. Many diabetics who have taken the oil find that after about six weeks on the oil that they no longer require insulin since their pancreas is again doing its job.

Combination with other medications

I am not a doctor and I do not have the right to tell people what they should do. Personally, I would not consider taking any cancer treatments currently in use by our medical system, I do not recommend that hemp oil be taken along with chemotherapy. What would be the sense of making your own cure and then allowing the medical system to give you massive doses of poison?

From my experience with hemp medicine, I have found that most pharmaceutical medications are no longer needed once a person starts using hemp oil. Hemp oil seems to mix well with most natural medications but I have had a few reports from people trying to take hemp oil and pharmaceuticals who experienced stomach pain etc. All problems ceased when they stopped taking the prescription drugs.

Hemp Oil Dosage Information

“Due to the oily nature of the hemp oil, I added 2/3 of olive oil at the end of the process suggested by Rick Simpson to aloud a more liquid final product. I think it makes it easy to dispense and handle for a gradual increment of the dose using a dropper.”

 – Diego Palma –

One pound (450g) of bone-dry hemp buds will usually produce about 2 ounces (60mL) of high-grade oil or 6 ounces (180mL) of the olive+hemp oil. This amount of oil will cure most serious cancers in about 90 days.

This oil is very potent so one must begin treatment with small doses. One drop of olive+hemp oil three times a day is a good beginning. After four days, start increasing your daily dosage very gradually. As time goes on the body builds a tolerance to the oil and more and more can be taken until you are at the point where you are ingesting about 1g (27 drops) of olive+hemp oil three times a day. A gram is just slightly less than 1ml.

It takes the average person about 5 weeks to get to the point where they can ingest a gram (27 drops) per dose. Once they reach this dosage they can continue at this rate until the cancer disappears When people are taking the oil, I like to see them stay within their comfort zone, but the truth is, the faster you take the oil the better the chance of surviving.

Multiple Myeloma

According to a study published in the most recent issue of the International Journal of Cancer, Cannabidiol (CBD), a compound found in cannabis, can slow, and even kill multiple myeloma cancer cells.

Researchers Eliminate 60% of Myeloma Cells With Cannabis-Based Treatments. The treatment of CBD in combination with THC had synergistic effect, being their cytotoxic effect is higher with each of the three combinations tested.


By using this method it allows the body to build up its tolerance slowly, in fact, I have many reports from people who took the oil treatment and never got ‘high’. We all have different tolerances for any medication. Your size and body weight have little to do with your tolerance for hemp oil.

I do not like to see people overdosing on the oil, but an overdose does no harm. The main side effect of this medication is sleep and rest which plays an important role in the healing process. Usually, within an hour or so of taking a dose, the oil is telling you to lay down and relax. Don’t fight the sleepy feeling, just lay down and go with it. Usually within a month, the daytime tiredness associated with this treatment fades away but the patient continues to sleep very well at night.

No one has ever died from the use of hemp medicine. Hemp oil does not cause your body to crave more. It is non-addictive, harmless and effective for practically any medical condition.

Maintenance dose

At the end of their treatment most people continue taking the oil but at a much reduced rate. 6 to 12 grams a year of olive+hemp oil would be a good maintenance dose (four to six olive-hemp oil drops a week.)

Dealing with pain, addictive medications

In cases where people are in a great deal of pain, I recommend that their dosage be quickly increased until it kills the pain. High quality hemp oil will stop pain even when morphine is not effective. The oil can be applied to external injuries for pain relief in minutes.

The only time I would recommend that people start out with larger doses would be to get off addictive and dangerous pain medications. When people who are using such medications begin the oil treatment, they usually cut their pain medications in half. The object is to take enough oil to take care of the pain and to help the patient get off these dangerous pharmaceutical drugs. Taking the oil makes it much easier for the patient to get off these addictive chemicals.

I simply tell people the oil will do one of two things; it will either cure your cancer or in cases where it is too late to affect a cure, the oil will ease their way out and they can at least die with dignity. Hemp oil has a very high success rate in the treatment of cancer, unfortunately many people who come to me have been badly damaged by the medical system with their chemo and radiation etc. The damage such treatments cause have a lasting effect and people who have suffered the effects of such treatments are the hardest to cure.

Properly made hemp medicine is the greatest healer on this planet bar none. Once you experience what this medication can do you will understand why history and I call hemp medicine a cure all.

Articles on CBD Dosage

Making the medicine

Starting material

Hemp: I generally work with a pound (450g) or more of good grade hemp starting material. A pound will usually produce 60g of the oil. You can use just one ounce (28g). An ounce will usually produce 3 or 4 grams of oil. The amount of oil produced per ounce of hemp will vary from strain to strain.

I recommend that people grow their own hemp either in a small indoor grow system or outdoors. Growing it yourself will eliminate the high cost associated with buying hemp from drug dealers.

When buying or growing hemp, procure a strain that has the highest possible THC content. To energize someone suffering from depression, I recommend a good Sativa strain. For most other medical conditions, I strongly suggest that Indica strains be used. Indicas relax a person and provide them with more rest and sleep.

Solvent: You will require about two gallons (7.5 liters) of solvent to strip the THC off one pound of dry starting material. 500 milliliters of solvent should be more than enough to strip the THC from one ounce of hemp starting material.

Many solvents can be used. You can use pure naphtha but it costs $500 for a 45-gallon drum. You can use 99% isopropyl alcohol, which you can find in your local drug stores. Alcohol absorbs more chlorophyll from the plant material than naphtha does. This gives oils made with alcohol a darker color but does not diminish the potency of the oil to any noticeable degree. Ether, naphtha or butane and many other solvents can produce oils that are amber and transparent. Granted these clear oils do look better but dark oil can be just as potent. If the process is done properly, little or no solvent residue is left in the oil. I have been consuming oils produced using different solvents for eight years with no harmful effects.

Rice cooker: Make sure you are in a very well ventilated area and set up a fan to carry the solvent fumes away. The fumes are very flammable. Be sure to stay away from red-hot elements, sparks, cigarettes etc. that could ignite the fumes.

Water: 10 drops for a pound of starting material (2 drops if an ounce.)

Extra Virgin Olive oil: 2/3 of the final product. If using one pound will be 120ml of olive oil. If using one ounce will be 8 ml of olive oil.

Plastic buckets: Two plastic buckets. One of them big enough for crushing the plant material without splitting out (10 to 20lt is ok.)

Wood stick: One clean untreated (chemical free) wood stick for crushing the plant material.

Funnel and cloth or coffee filter.

Oven mitts.


1 – Place the completely dry starting material in a plastic bucket.

2 – Add solvent until the material is completely covered.

3 – Crush the plant material using the wood stick. As you are doing this, the THC dissolves off the plant material into the solvent.

4 – Continue this process for about 3 minutes.

5 – Pour the solvent-oil mix off the plant material into another bucket. You have just stripped the plant material of about 80% of its THC.

6 – Second wash – again add solvent to the plant material and work it for another 3 minutes to get the other 20%.

7 – Pour this solvent-oil mix into the bucket containing the first mix that was poured off previously and discard the twice-washed plant material.

8- Pour the solvent-oil mix through a coffee filter into a clean container (or the first bucket.)

9- Add solvent-oil mix to the rice cooker until it is about ¾ full, set it on high heat and boil the solvent off.

10- Continue adding solvent-oil mix as the level in the rice cooker decreases until it is all in the cooker.

11- Add a few drops of water to the solvent-oil mix as the level comes down for the last time. The few drops of water help release the solvent residue and protect the oil somewhat from too much heat. At no time should the temperature of the oil go over 290F degrees (140 C).

12- When there is about one inch of solvent-oil-water mix left in the cooker, put on your oven mitts, pick the unit up and gently swirl the contents, and continue swirling until the solvent has been evaporated off.

13 – Turn the rice cooker off and add the olive oil to the mix and keep swirling to mix both materials.

14 – Put on your oven mitts and gently pour the oil into a glass container. Using a dropper makes it very easy to dispense the medicine.

To anyone who is going to act on this information to help a loved one, I welcome you to the world of real medicine. Again, I caution you to be very careful when boiling the solvent off. The fumes are very flammable. Be sure to stay away from red-hot elements, sparks, cigarettes etc. that could ignite the fumes.


Rick Simpson website: Canabis and Cancer: Run From the Cure “The Rick Simpson story”: YouTube Hemp oil channel: Canabinoid medicines:


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