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Faster Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

Actualizado: 6 jul 2018

- quoting Robert Smith -

Faster EFT is a simple technique based on the idea (and direct experience) that, by tapping on the meridians we creates a disruption in the association between the thoughts and the body sensations related to to those thoughts, so we can release and let go all negative emotions and reprogram the association between them.

Everything inside of you is really you!

EVERYTHING, every memory, every person, every character inside you is YOU. When you blame a situation or someone for what you are feeling, it is you, it’s always you. If you run from your problems, if you run from things you are resisting... you keep them alive. Heal your relationship with your life today. But you have to first realize that everything is just you. You are the victim, you are the victimizer and you are the movie director.

If you keep the negative memory and feeling alive in you, it will repeat again and again, it will come out to the surface, it will find the way until you deal with it. So make peace with everything inside of you. Make peace with what torments you. Memories buried alive never die.

In order for you to get something different, you’ve got to change what you hold within you. Change how you see things, change how you produce things and change how you vibrate inside. So make peace with what’s inside.

How it work

The Faster EFT technique interrupts that signal between the brain and the organs by focusing on the meridian points connected to those organs; and rewrites the reference or memory associated with that trigger.

In other words, if the person who feels angered by the loud music wanted to change that automatic response, they could use the FasterEFT technique to disrupt the production of the chemicals that cause the feeling of anger when they hear the music; and change the meaning of loud music in the subconscious from “rude” or “disruptive” (or whatever they learned it means) to fun and enjoyment. This will then result in an automatic feeling of enjoyment and fun when they hear that loud music in the future.

Using The Faster EFT Technique


Aiming is the most important part. Aiming at the feeling. When you are looking inside of you, you are looking for pain, you are looking for discomfort. Noticing what it is inside you that is bothering you, recognize it. It could be a feeling in your body, a sensation associated with the memory of what happened. Notice what it is, and then you tap. Just notice it, and then you tap.

Sometimes, when you address your issues, you feel sensations inside you that usually don’t have words. The difficulty comes trying to name what we are feeling. Emotions are labels we give to sensations and feelings in our body. Just notice the sensation inside, the location, the intensity. A heaviness in your chest, a tightness in your stomach, it doesn’t mean you have to know the original cause. Then aim at the feeling.

You don’t have to know where it came from, what it is or who gave it to you, just put it out of your system. You feel it and you tap it away, you release it.


Use two fingers to tap the following points, while focusing on the feeling of your fingers on your skin:

  • between your eyebrows

  • beside your eye

  • under your eye

  • just below your collarbone

While you are tapping notice your fingertips. You don’t have to hold it while you’re tapping, just feel your fingertips.

While you are tapping, say “Let it go”, “It’s OK to let it go”, “It’s safe to let it go”, “Just let it go”.

Note: It doesn’t matter which side you tap – you can do either side, or both if you like.


Grab your wrist, take a deep breath, blow it out, and say “peace”. While you say peace, create an emotional association related to a peaceful memory or feeling.

Check and repeat

Go back and check if it is gone. If it isn’t gone, then go and do it again. Usually the mind will lead you to other issues, follow the thread and keep aiming and tapping. If it leads you to memories... just feel the sensations related to those memories and tap them away. Keep taping until the sensation has completely changed or dissolved. Tap until it’s gone or until you pass out. Whatever comes first. Keep tapping until you know it is gone.


A technique for re-imprinting or flipping the memory is called borrowing, and it is simply borrowing the emotion from a different memory, and re-imprinting the old memory with the other emotion in order to change it to something more positive.

You can change the negative sensation and make it positive. When you flip the memory, you can never go back and feel the same sensation again. They can never play the old way again.

You are always responsible of how you interpret your past. So, re-imprinting is basically re-writing your history. You change your life by changing the way you internalize things. Remember,

“History is determined by the storyteller.”

Be nice with yourself

Taking control of your mind is important, because otherwise you are going to be a servant to whatever you recorded within you. By being in control you can change your mind and in that way, change your vibration and your life. Keep taping until you get full emotional control.

The most important thing about you is learning to like yourself and be nice with yourself. You will be happier, you will be more in control and you will have peace with your past. And abiding with peace is what it is all about. Make peace with yourself. Release the pain and change your life. Make peace with what you hold, and create something better.

EFT is an amazing skill. You need to enter tapping emotions and clearing out, like a room cleaner. It is very easy and it works. Change your history. Keep it simple.


Robert Smith website:

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