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Aloe Arborescens Protocol

Actualizado: 1 dic 2018

Aloe Arborescens for supreme immune support, gentle cleansing for the whole body, promotes healthy blood, cardiovascular, colon and immune system health.

Aloe Arborescens aids the body’s defenses by supplying supreme immune support and general cleansing for the whole body for sufferers of chronic health complications, those who want to ward off diseases, achieve optimal health, and increase energy and vitality. Aloe arborescens is 200% richer in phytotheraputic compounds than Aloe Vera.

The cleansing performed with this recipe of Aloe, honey and distillate will detoxify the body, renew the blood and strengthen the immune system so the body can restore itself to health.

History of the medicine

In Brazil, a humble monk named Father Romano Zago has uncovered a powerful yet simple cure for cancer based on just three ingredients… one of them being whole Aloe Arborescens (not just the gel, but the whole leaf, including the skin and the sap). What follows is his explanation of how this Brazilian Aloe cure works to help reverse not just cancer, but several other diseases, too, like obesity and depression. He’s compiled this rare knowledge into a book entitled “Aloe isn’t medicine, and yet it cures!”

“The Aloe Arborescens immune formula used by Brazilian natives that is described in this book is unmatched in its potency to provide the human body a complete spectrum of phytonutrient and nutraceutical properties needed to support a healthy immune system while gently eliminating waste particles. This returns the body to a normal state of structure and function.”

A number of recent worldwide clinical studies listed in the bibliography of the book offer scientific evidence supporting the fact that Aloe Arborescens has a high concentration of complex sugars called glucomannan polysaccharides and as many as 200 biologically active phytonutritional compounds that work in synergy to promote the modulation of innate immunity and macrophage function. In test after test, it has also been shown to kill a broad range of viruses, fungi and monilia (a particularly active fungus that attacks the mucous membranes). Consequently, it provides extraordinary support for the gastrointestinal tract, mucous membranes and connective tissue.


The human body heals itself from within and, because of its more than 200 phytotherapeutic substances, the juice from the whole leaf of Aloe arborescens provides the perfect complement to the biological requirements of the body. In Aloe, you will find a true arsenal of useful substances, important and essential for good health, such as enzymes, vitamins, proteins, amino acids, metals, minerals, monosaccharide oils, polysaccharides, anthraquinone compounds, etc.

Plant saccharide (sugar) research worldwide indicates that properties in the Aloe Arborescens plant support the immune system, helping it to fight illnesses of all kinds, including general infections, cancer and HIV.

Father Romano writes, ”A healthy immune system keeps chronic illness in check. If a person develops a chronic illness something was not working in the detoxification process and in the immune system. If a person is undergoing treatment for any chronic disease it very important to detoxify the body and support the immune system. Many treatments leave the immune system in tatters. This dietary supplement nourishes the body, replenishing what has been lost, and cleanses away toxins that have accumulated. It will leave the body rejuvenated, with an immune system that is stronger and more able to preserve and protect health. A strong immune system is our most powerful weapon against disease and this Aloe Arborescens dietary supplement is the secret recipe for broad based supreme immune health. When we get the nutrition from the right kinds of foods, we give our bodies the tools they need to heal themselves. “

Letter from Father Romano

“People can use it from their own homes. The results are so satisfactory that people who have been healed, even those in the terminal phases of cancer, are able to return to their normal lives in two or three months, with even greater vigor and with a better quality of life, possibly because they are able to enjoy life once again after all had seemed irrevocably lost to them. I would like this recipe to be used along with all other methods, those already known and those still to be discovered, to form a united front to eliminate this fatal disease permanently from the face of the earth.

Dear friend, if someone close to you has this dreadful disease and is undergoing the traditional treatments, offer them this simple method. It can work. It must work. It has caused true healing many, many times, saving lives. Oh, if there were only statistics on the healings that have taken place across the five continents! It costs nothing to try. You lose nothing. And a life can be saved.”

Aloe Arborescens Cancer Protocol

The aloe arborescens protocol for cancer has been around for many years and has been proven to be very effective on advanced cancer patients. The protocol is designed to supercharge the immune system quickly. But no matter how it works on cancer, it safely gets rid of cancer cells and floods the body with super-nutrients. Because this is a pure plant product (with honey and a distillate) it can be added to any other alternative cancer treatment.

Preparing the medicine

If you have access to the necessary materials, the formula for this cancer treatment is the following:

  • 300 grams (0.66 lbs) of pure honey. Synthetic or refined honey should never be used.

  • 350 grams (0.77 lbs) of Aloe Arborescens leaves (generally 4 or 5 leaves, depending on their size).

  • A distillate to preserve the product and open the path for the main treatment to get all over the body (by dilating the blood vessels). The distillate is a small (about 1% of the formula), but very important, medicinal part of this protocol. Only 40 to 50 ml (6-8 teaspoons) is used. It is generally whisky, cognac, pisco or some other pure alcohol.

Remove dust or any other impurities left on the Aloe leaves by nature. Use an old cloth, dry or dampened, or a sponge, without getting the leaves wet (no water is used in the preparation). Use a sharp knife to remove the spines along the edge of the leaves, chopping with a light hand, in one fell swoop from the top toward the bottom. To help the work of the blender, cut the leaves into pieces, as if preparing a normal blend, and blend the three components together.

Here is a YouTube video I made preparing the medicine and explaining the process:

If you do not have access to the necessary materials, you can steel find good quality final products and information in this link:

Storage of the medicine

The product should never come into direct contact with sunlight. In fact, when taking the product try to avoid any type of light as much as possible. For example, after you pour the product into the tablespoon drink it immediately. Generally it should be stored in a cool, dark place. For example, it can be stored in the vegetable enclosure in a refrigerator. If the enclosure is clear plastic you might want to keep the bottle inside of a dark sock because the door to the refrigerator will likely be opened many times a day.

The Doses

Shake the bottle very well just before pouring into a tablespoon.

The daily dose should be taken 10 days on, 10 days off, 10 days on, 10 days off, etc.

For general use, take for 10 days on and 10 days off, then repeat until the cancer patient has regained their strength and feel their cancer is in complete remission. It is important that the patient does not stop the protocol until the cancer is completely in remission. Otherwise, the cancer will likely come back.

Ages 10 and up: Take one tablespoon, three times per day (breakfast, lunch, and dinner), 20 minutes before each meal (on an empty stomach and nothing else is taken for at least 20 minutes after.)

Children: (0-3 years): Take 1/2 teaspoon daily, 20 minutes before breakfast. (3-5 years): Take 1 teaspoon daily, 20 minutes before breakfast. (5-10 years): Take 1 teaspoon daily, 20 minutes before breakfast and dinner.

A person can take this protocol without any days off if they so desire.

Here is another important point the book makes: If after taking the protocol of 10 days on, 10 days off, for four times, and you have not achieved your objective, then double the dose until you meet your objective.

Father Romano Zago also lists many nutrients in the plant and demonstrates that it is highly non-toxic. It would be very difficult, if not impossible, to overdose on this product!!

The book points out very strongly that a person should get a formal test to insure that the cancer is completely gone before stopping this treatment. This test can be in the form of a Navarro Urine Test, a PET scan, or some other formal test.

Detox Symptoms

This treatment will clean your body (i.e. detox). As with any protocol which releases toxins there may be some uncomfortable experiences. A wide range of detox symptoms may be experienced.

Types of cancer and diseases

As far as I can tell, this protocol will work on any type of cancer (a wide variety of cancer types are specifically mentioned in the book, such as bone cancer, brain cancer, etc. etc.) and will even help with pain in many instances.

Notice If You Are Taking Blood Thinners

If you are taking blood thinners you should be aware that any aloe plant is green and will have some vitamin K in it. You need to contact your doctor and notify him or her that you will be taking one or two tablespoons of an aloe plant every day.

Final Comments

This protocol can be used in conjunction with chemotherapy for those inclined to take chemo (which is highly not recommended.). In fact, this product may significantly reduce the side-effects of the chemotherapy.

For someone who is in remission, it should be used (i.e. 10 days on, 10 days off and 10 days on) every three months for at least two years after the patient is declared to be in remission.

Plant Cultivation

The Aloe arborescens (krantz aloe) is easily propagated from a branch or stem cut off, allowed to dry for a day or so until the wound has sealed, and then planted in well-drained soil or sand. They need not be rooted in any particular place and then transplanted, but can be placed directly into their permanent place in the garden. It is important to remember not to water the cuttings too heavily; overwatering may cause them to rot. This aloe can also be grown from seed, sown in spring. Seed should take three to four weeks to germinate, and the seedlings must be protected from frost.

Extract from the book “Cancer can be cured!”

Q. Is it possible to list the positive effects during the cure?

Let us move on from cases that have been cured of cancer, as we have already discussed this subject in depth, to talk of the healing that has taken place in people who have used the preparation as a preventive measure, as they were sure they did not have cancer. The composition of the elements and the quantities are exactly the same as those used to treat someone with cancer.

The doses are also the same. The treatment has cured or solved problems of the following nature:

Acidity of the stomach, Gastritis, Ulcer, Conjunctivitis, Rubefaction (redness), Callosities (calluses), Spots on the skin, Small wounds on the scalp, Dandruff, Rheumatism, Arthritis, Intestinal polyps, Uterine polyps, Paralysis, Deafness, Parkinson’s Disease, Baldness, Sinusitis, Lupus, Herpes on the vaginal labia or glans, Psoriasis, Epilepsy, Athlete’s foot,

Regulated bowel, eliminating constipation, Eliminated fungal infections, Normalized cholesterol, Regulated blood pressure, Stimulated the appetite, Created thinner and softer hair, Regulated the menstrual cycle in women who have had irregular cycles since adolescence, Solved problems of night-time sweating, both in winter or summer. Improved sexual performance in men in their forties. Improved breathing capacity in asthma sufferers. Regenerated an atrophied nail that was nothing but cartilage; strengthened the nail. Prevented surgery in cases of prostate cancer in men about to be operated on. Prevented surgery in cases of cancer of the bladder. Eliminated persistent acne. Eliminated catarrh, aiding expectoration. Solved problems of bad digestion. Improved bad breath. Cured varicose ulcers. Cured ulcers of the retina. After four jars, cured from toxoplasmosis (cat virus) of the eye. Led to recovery of sense of smell in people who had been without for many years.

Q. What are the curative effects of Aloe used on its own, as a plant?

All the healings listed below have been confirmed by experience:

Fungal infections. Athlete’s foot. Callosities in 24 hours without pain. Fistula on the gums, in the form of a deep and narrow channel. Tumor between the toes. Abscesses. Dandruff, strengthening the scalp; it is a hair tonic. Insect bites (bee, wasp, spider, mosquito, etc.) Scalding in domestic accidents. Burns from x-rays. Small cuts caused by domestic accidents (powerful cicatrisation, or healing of the wound.) Anti-tetanus. Eczema. Ophthalmia (inflammation of the eye).

As a suppository, it has cured hemorrhoids. Dissolved in water, used to clear the liver. Works well against anemia. Constipation: it regulates the bowel. Rheumatism. Cicatrizes (heals) ulcers of the retina or any other wound to the eye. Eliminates verrucas (warts). Effective in combating acne. Effective in combating worms. Dissolved in water, it cures acidity of the stomach, gastritis, peptic ulcer.

In all experiences or the majority of cases quoted, Aloe is applied locally, used externally. You can either use the gel-like substance inside the leaf, or it can be blended and the particles filtered to remove skin and spines. It must be applied with a syringe, a dropper, or cotton wool or gauze soaked in the preparation to the part with the problem.


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