We are a growing community that believes in the transformational power of plant medicine in a responsible and caring way. 


We started in 2000, holding retreats and ayahuasca ceremonies with Milagros and Diego (March 1967-October 2019), and have grown ever since. We have been holding ceremonies in different parts of the world and in Pisaq on a weekly basis Mondays, Fridays and Full Moon. 

We provide a safe and sacred space for you to explore ayahuasca. In the retreats, we have incorporated new ceremonies that help facilitate and encourage self transformation. From the cleansing power of Kámbo, the gentle guidance of Huachuma, the meditative breathwork, along with the centering power of Rapé

your vibe attracts your tribe

Diego Palma (1967-2019), who set the basic principles of our work, was known by his sharp and clear ideas and for always looking for the truth. Ayahuasca and music were two of the most important aspects of his life. He wrote several articles you can read in the web site and created a vast compilation of medicine songs from different part of the world and traditions.

Along with his family, he started a simple yet loving community at La Pacha. In 2016 he was diagnosed with multiple myeloma and passed in October 2019 sorounded by friends and family. His imprint will always stay with us. 

In September 2019, just one month before he passed, he released his first and only album “Pachamamita del Alma”. You can find it here  


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Milagros y Diego